Nicola Pierre-Smith, LPC

Nicola Pierre-Smith is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania who provides culturally affirming therapy and trauma informed workshops to Employee Resource Groups. As an immigrant and Black mental health expert, Pierre-Smith knows how hard it can be to overcome stigma and shame to ask for help with your mental health in the community and workplace settings.

Pierre-Smith is aware that it is especially hard for people from the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community to go to therapy because of cultural norms and the preference to talk to friends, family, or religious leaders. With this in mind, Pierre-Smith created Melanated Womens Health, LLC in 2019 to provide a culturally affirming therapy space that is both inclusive and accessible for melanated individuals and Therapists with intersecting identities.

Pierre-Smith understands that the intersections of a person’s identities (for example race, gender, immigration status, sexual orientation, etc) influence how they engage with the world. She offers Individual Therapy for trauma using Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

She also provides Individual Therapy to people struggling in an interracial or multicultural relationship, experiencing symptoms for anxiety or depression due to workplace micro-aggressions, and reproductive justice concerns. 

Significantly, Pierre-Smith provides mental health workshops and makes guest appearances in the media as a Black mental health expert. Individual and corporate clients who work with Pierre-Smith report increased awareness for the impact of Racism Based Stress on wellness, and increased confidence to promote employee mental health practices that are trauma informed in the workplace.

Pierre-Smith has a wide range of leadership, clinical, and workshop facilitation skills. She has contributed to mental health workshop and events for many brands, was the Director of a Children and Youth behavioral health agency, and a Clinical Coordinator providing therapy to boys and men who were in the criminal justice system.

In terms of her background, Pierre-Smith attended universities in Jamaica and America. She also completed trainings in Clinical Supervision and Transgender Education at Temple University. Outside of clinical practice, Pierre-Smith offers clinical supervision for the PA State Board licensing, and enjoys helping licensed social workers or those with ambition to become a Licensed Professional Counselor over overcome Imposter Syndrome.

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