Mental Health Therapy Services In Philadelphia

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Melanated Women’s Health serves adults in Philadelphia through individual therapy services.

Our Therapy Specializations

Anxiety Therapy

Explore the transformative possibilities of therapy for anxiety.

Social Anxiety Therapy

For individuals who experience anxiety when in the presence of others.

Depression Therapy

Lighten the heavy load of depressive thoughts and feel like yourself again.

Therapy for Trauma

Work with a trauma trained therapist to help you with recovery and healing.

Therapy for Anger Management

Does your anger lead you to do or say things you later regret? Work with an anger specialist.

Therapy for Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is not something set in stone. Our therapists can guide you to confidence.

Specialized Populations Therapy

Therapy for LGBTQIA+

Stigma-free, affirming therapy for those living outside of the heteronormative-cisgender box.

Therapy for Immigrants

Moving to a new country and adjusting to a new culture can be difficult, let us help.

Therapy for New Mothers

Being a mother is one of life’s most challenging & sacred roles. Professional support for new moms.

Men’s Issues

Therapy for issues that most commonly affect men & their ability to live their best lives.

Therapy for Teenagers

The teenage years can be some of the most crucial, challenging, and volatile. Work with a teen therapy specialist.

women of color

BIPOC Women’s Issues

Get to know our team of licensed women of color therapists that provide mental health therapy from an intersectional perspective.

Our Mental Health Therapy Modalities

Individual In-Person Therapy

Individualized therapy in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Online Telehealth Therapy

Convenient online therapy that increases your session flexibility.


Learn more about the transformative power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


Learn more about Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).


Learn about specialized therapy for trauma designed to prevent triggers while healing.

Group Service

Mental Health Workshops

We are currently offering mental health workshops to companies, affinity groups, and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to support workplace wellness, employee retention, and career development. Our mental health workshops are also customized to meet the unique needs of your workplace culture.

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Individual therapy is so helpful for so many people because it’s the best way to get truly customized therapy. If you’re looking for help in improving your everyday life, let our specialists create a unique therapeutic plan for you.