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About Our Workshops

We are currently offering mental health workshops to companies, affinity groups, and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to support workplace wellness, employee retention, and career development.

A few of the mental health workshops we offer for one-day or multiple-day mental and emotional wellness seminars are on:

  • Creating trauma-informed environments to improve psychological safety.
  • Skills for emotional and mental wellness.
  • Coping with stress and burn-out prevention.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness that takes into consideration implicit bias.
  • Self-care in demanding environments.
  • Black and Person of Color employee wellness in the workplace, from an intersectional lens.

We are also able to customize our mental health workshops, to meet the unique needs of your workplace culture.

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Benefits of Mental Health Workshops

Better Employee & Company Performance

According to the CDC, mental health issues cost companies millions of dollars if ignored. This happens because mental health problems affects employees’:

  • Job performance and productivity.
  • Engagement with one’s work.
  • Communication with coworkers.
  • Physical capability and daily functioning.

The mental health workshops that we offer will provide employees with resources to coping skills for stress and managing micro-aggressions that show up in the workplace because of interpersonal and systemic racism. When companies offer mental resources in the form workshops that are facilitated by a mental health expert or licensed mental health therapist, it shows they care about their employees.

What does a mental wellness workshop provide to those who attend?

Our one-day or multiple-day mental health workshops provide:

  • An opportunity to learn about mental health and debunk mental health myths that lead to shame and stigma.
  • A safe space to discuss topics such as generational trauma, anxiety, depression, and more.
  • Education and resources from a trained mental health professional.
  • Trauma informed care best practices for supervisors and managers.
  • Coping skills for stress management, self-care in demanding environments, emotions regulation, challenging situations, difficult employee-manager interactions, and more.

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