Catriana Pineiro

Catriana Pineiro is a Person of Color Therapist who understands the stigma and challenges that BIPOC and LGBTQ+ populations face when seeking therapy for help with their unique challenges. Catriana is dedicated to providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment for clients to navigate their life challenges and flourish in a collaborate manner, where clients can feel validated, seen, and empowered in the relationship.
Their therapeutic style is to blend Cognitive-Behavioral, Person-centered, and Psychodynamic approaches tailored to your specific needs and therapy goals. They also utilize trauma-informed therapeutic techniques that incorporate empathy and active listening to create a safe environment for you to navigate your thoughts and emotions as well as challenge unhelpful behaviors.

Catriana is passionate about providing therapy for teens and young adults, supporting their clients in navigating major life changes, changes in family dynamics, new relationships, and growing into the people they desire to be. Catriana is also an ideal fit for you if you are an adult seeking a dynamic therapist who will take into consideration your identity and unique lived experiences. Furthermore, they will be a good fit for you if you want to work on managing symptoms for depression, in need of therapy for anxiety, and low self-esteem, or you want to explore and redefine sexual orientation and gender along with core beliefs around your identity.

Catriana is receiving their Master of Science in Clinical Counseling from Chestnut Hill College with a specialization in Child and Adolescent Therapy as well as a Master of Arts in Psychology from New York University. They have experience providing trauma-informed care for a variety of populations ranging from children to elder adults in a community mental health setting. They are currently receiving clinical supervision from Nicola Pierre-Smith, LPC towards their license in Pennsylvania.